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Exit Strategy NYC Introduces "Enter Strategy," Announces Licensing Deal With MTA
October 30th 2009

Just in time to help New Yorkers get to their Halloween festivities, Exit Strategy NYC has released version 2.0 of its popular software for the iPhone and iPod Touch that improves the NYC subway riding experience. The original version, released in July, generated enormous buzz by answering the quintessential New York question: "Where should I stand on the subway platform?" Front? Back? Middle?

Thousands of New Yorkers regularly use the app to figure out their Exit Strategy, hopping off their trains right in front of the exit at their destination and shaving minutes off their rides.

Shortly after our July launch, the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) reached out and suggested that a licensing deal could be valuable for both parties. We agreed. Today we are pleased to announce that Exit Strategy NYC features the official MTA trademarks and maps. Version 2.0 also has several exciting changes and innovative additions:

  • More Maps: Features a zoomable, scrollable and interactive MTA subway map as well as bus maps for all five boroughs. Want to see the exit information for a station? Just tap it!
  • More Information: The entire NYC subway system is now documented and included in this version. Ashley and Jonathan extend a special thank you to their Mom who singlehandedly documented the entire Bronx! Thanks also to Adreen Maxwell-Scott and our users who sent in information about their local stops.
  • Enter Strategy: We've integrates the MTA's neighborhood maps which show the above ground locations of subway staircases and elevators, helping you get INTO and OUT OF the station faster! Trying to figure out where that hard-to-find entrance to the West 4th Street station is?  Just check the app!
  • Offline Neighborhood Street Maps: Subway riders love the MTA's giant neighborhood street maps that can be found near the turnstiles of each subway station. We took the twenty-two neighborhood maps for Manhattan and wove them together into a giant quilt-like STREET MAP that works entirely offline. Can't remember which block an address is on?  Underground with no reception so google maps won't work?  This map is the perfect replacement and it even has the address ranges of each block of Manhattan!  Neighborhood maps of popular outer boroughs are also included (Downtown Brooklyn, Park Slope, Williamsburg, Long Island City, and Jackson Heights).
  • Completely New Interface: Just tap the station on our interactive map to figure out your exit strategy or to see the surrounding streets!

The Version 2.0 update has just been approved by Apple and should be available on the App Store shortly. The update is free for existing users.

Exit Strategy NYC looks forward to further improving the NYC subway riding experience. Check out our video below:


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