Our Story

Brother and sister team Jonathan and Ashley Wegener (also known as JWeg and AWeg) have long been plagued by the question of where to stand on the NYC subway platform. They consider themselves to be efficient people and hated the idea of wasting time standing at a random spot when they could be preparing for the next leg of the trip. Platform strategy, as they like to call it.

This gripe turned into a product idea when they became iPhone owners. Jonathan started storing exit location notes for pertinent stops in his phone and soon after, a lightbulb went off. He realized the iPhone was the perfect medium to house this type of information.

Luckily, the timing was perfect for both siblings. Jonathan was working independently on some technology consulting projects, while Ashley was eager for a change of pace from the world of advertising. Together, they pledged to combine their ambition, talent and love for efficiency and dedicate the next few months of their lives to an iPhone app that would change the world. Or at the very least, change theirs.

With a pair of clipboards and unlimited metrocards, they descended into one of the largest transit systems to begin the "data collection" stage of their project. At each subway station, they waited for the train to come so they could mark which door of the train aligned with the exits. At stations with multiple stairwells, they figured out which were the most efficient ones. They did this, again and again and again, in hundreds of subway stations. Thanks to their trusty unlimited metrocards, they surfaced for food and bathroom breaks, though their bladders were built like camels' by the end.

Two months later, with hundreds of pages of meticulous handwritten subway data, it was time to turn their chicken scratch into something legible. They took a crash course in Adobe Illustrator and began to turn the data into graphic images. Once those were finished, it took a final magic touch from Jonathan's programmer friend Benny, to turn those images into the final product: Exit Strategy NYC.

Jonathan and Ashley are excited to share the fruit of their labor with other neurotic New Yorkers. They just hope their brainchild doesn't bite them in the ass and make their trips less efficient, with more New Yorkers now vying to get into the same subway cars!

Tech Team

Jon Glanz


Version 2.0 iPhone Whiz

Carlos Pacheco


Graphics & Illustration
Benny Wong


Version 1.0 iPhone Whiz

Matthew Bergman
Android Developer

Georg Sisow


Blackberry Beast
Special thanks to Adreen Maxwell-Scott, Eddie